Traditional Herbal
and Spices Body Oil

Prabu oil is a herbal and spice body oil that contains a variety of 81 different herbs, spices and oils that blend together to create a restorative and therapeutic healing oil. Prabu oil has a unique scent that comprises the aroma of different herbs and spices and the balinese frangipani flower to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Prabu oil’s recipe is created from extensive research on ancient scriptures and texts found in Bali that have been passed down from balinese ancestors centuries ago. It is believed by Balinese and Indonesian ancestors that these herbs and spices can help relieve a variation of different conditions such as to relieve mosquito and insect bites, flatulence, burns, muscle pain, and a wide diversification of skin conditions.
Rp 220.000 / 100ml
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Why did we choose
the name “Prabu Oil”?

We chose the name “Prabu” because the word prabu derives from the indian word prabhu. The word prabhu means master, lord, or omnipresent and symbolizes how this body oil can be used for healing.

History of Ancient Manuscripts in Indonesia:

In the history of Indonesia, sea traders from India came to the Indonesian archipelago as early as the first century. Once they had arrived, Indonesian royalty welcomed them and the Hindu and Buddhist religion as well as their culture, customs, language and beliefs. This created widespread adoption of Hindu-Buddhist religion and culture throughout the Indonesian archipelago. They subsequently built many temples and other infrastructure. In the 13th century the Majapahit empire was created by Vijaya, a prince of Singhasāri and was a Hindu-Buddhist thalassocratic empire and became a really vast empire controlling the lands of which now are Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Timor Leste, parts of the Philippines and Thailand.

After the death of its leaders Gajah Mada (1364), and Hayam Wuruk (1389) the Majapahit empire soon began to decline which led to the fall of the Majapahit empire. After the Majapahit empire collapsed, consequently Dalem Waturenggong, the king of Bali from the Gel-Gel Dynasty in Klungkung made a declaration that says that the Gel-Gel Dynasty is a Hindu kingdom which is the successor to the Majapahit empire. This prompted the rest of the people from the majapahit empire to create a mass exodus fleeing from Java to bali. The arrival of the masses brought ancient manuscripts otherwise known as lontars including manuscripts about traditional medicine that is that is known in Bali as “Usada Bali”

History of herbs and spices as medicine throughout the world:

Throughout the world, herbs and spices were used as natural medication as many types of herbs and spices contain medicinal properties. For example, In the roman empire, opium was extracted from the poppy flower for painkillers. In India there is ayurvedic medicine. It uses herbs, diet and natural remedies to restore balance to the body. In China there is Chinese traditional medicine (TMC). In TMC herbs and spices are used to stimulate the body’s mechanism to heal itself. In Indonesia there is jamu. Records of jamu have been found in ancient temples in indonesia. A type of Jamu is a drink that uses herbs and spices as natural medication to improve health.

*Prabu oil is suitable for all ages including babies and children